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🇲🇿 Macia

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Reviews from other cities

     Mozabuy - Fornecedor de medicamentos não confiável

Dedicado lavagem de dinheiro e traficante de drogas. Eu comprei 1 quilo de cocaína deles, mas estava abaixo do padrão. Read more

     Sumi - Risky even when you dońt drink at all.

When “rustic” places people's health and lives at risk, food stops being important. I don't know who checks the security of public places. Just the condition of one of the entrances to the Sumi restaurant says it all. 04/01/24 Read more

     BHPL Buzi Office, Sofala, Mozambique - Good Strategic!

I wish to be a part of this team to learn more thing about strategy to grow up in our society! And i mean , through de knowledge that I will learn, I will to teach another persons that wish to grow up in this area. Read more

     Astertax Consulting - Excellent consulting company in Africa

Excellent consulting company in Africa To set- up businesses and market research. Across the continent from Mozambique to Senegal Read more

     Firenze Furniture Uganda - HATE BECAUSE OF HEARTLESSNESS

You people are heartless my relative came there to check the CCTV cameras because she was robbed and you refused Read more