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🇲🇿 Manjacaze

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  1. Escola Secundária De Manjacaze High School
  2. Igreja Sião União Aopostolica de Moçambique de Gaza Pentecostal Church
  3. Hotel Mazino EI Hotel resort
  4. بيت البورسلان
  5. Escola Secundaria Samora Machel de manjacaze High School
  6. Igreja evangélica assembléia de deus Religious Center
  7. Jubisse Design Graphic Designer
  8. KA KHAN Comercial Shopping & Retail
  9. Banze investimento S.A Arts & entertainment
  10. Hotel Mazino, Manjacaze Hotel resort
  11. REAL Holiday LODGE

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     Sumi - Risky even when you dońt drink at all.

When “rustic” places people's health and lives at risk, food stops being important. I don't know who checks the security of public places. Just the condition of one of the entrances to the Sumi restaurant says it all. 04/01/24 Read more

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